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Reliable, secure internet is paramount to your company’s success. Network slowdowns and outages frustrate employees and customers and make it more difficult for your business to run as it should. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offers stable connectivity, increased security, and a wide range of customization options for your needs.


Poor internet connectivity accounts for 71 hours of lost productivity – almost two full work weeks – per employee per year. High-speed internet access is a must-have for your company, and broadband allows you to keep pace with the competition.


Long considered a last resort for customers in rural or remote areas, satellite broadband service has seen a dramatic uptick in quality and reliability in recent years. And with plans to launch thousands more satellites already in the works, satellite broadband might be the solution your business has been looking for.


Not every business has the luxury of operating in areas with established and dependable cable broadband access. Like satellite, fixed wireless offers above-average network speeds with fewer latency issues compared to cable, while less vulnerable than satellite to disruptions due to poor weather conditions.



Connect your enterprise networks over large geographic distances with SD-WAN, a cost-effective alternative to MPLS that’s more reliable than traditional broadband. SD-WAN simplifies complex network management and allows you to find the right balance of price, dependability and speed for a diverse mix of application traffic.


Increased security often means a downturn in data transfer speeds. MPLS & VPLS offer more secure communication and data transfer at faster speeds, which translates to increased productivity for remote locations and a better overall user experience. Best of all, they’re flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your business.


Ethernet offers a faster, more reliable connection between your business and the services and applications it needs to thrive. It’s an ideal solution for companies that aren’t big enough to justify implementing dedicated internet access (DIA) but can’t afford to lag behind the competition.


Data security isn’t just a concern for your business – your customers worry about it too. From hosted VoIP, PBX lines, LAN/WAN interconnections and video conferencing to credit card processing and data backup, private lines eliminate the security risks that come with transferring data over the public internet.



VoIP offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone services that merges and simplifies your telecom and data environments. For more complex needs like multimedia communications or integration with apps like DropBox or Salesforce, SIP provides a broader range of uses and a more stable connection.


Some organizations benefit from the flexibility offered by VoIP, while many others prefer the reliability, clarity and higher voice quality of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems). If app integration isn’t worth sacrificing some connectivity and reliability, TDM/POTS are a smart investment for your business.


Over 4.5 million adults work remotely on a regular basis, and data suggests that number is only going to increase in the future. Whether your business has a large offsite staff or teams of road warriors, your employees need the ability to access your company network from anywhere.


Meetings can improve employee productivity, forge new client partnerships, or strengthen relationships with your existing clients. Conferencing services allow for more efficient meetings and reduced travel costs without sacrificing the connectivity your business needs to flourish.



With CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), your customers benefit from multichannel integration that makes it easier for them to connect with you. On top of that, cloud-based contact center platforms minimize up-front investments, reduce IT staffing costs, streamline billing and reduce downtime, all while providing valuable analytics to keep your business growing.


From VoIP to messaging, video and conferencing, there are more options than ever before for internal and external business communication. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) streamlines these various channels and makes interaction between them a seamless, hassle-free experience.


A traditional PBX requires a large initial investment as well as the time needed for ongoing maintenance and training. A hosted PBX system means the provider shoulders that burden, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional PBX without having to use your company’s resources.



IT services are essential, but the cost to access them can quickly add up. With ITaaS, you pay only for the IT services you need and use, and your IT can act as a broker between your business and third-party vendors. ITaaS provides the flexibility you need for a fraction of the cost of traditional IT services.


IT Help Desk services can answer customer questions, provide technical support and product/warranty support, and even employee benefit inquiries. You give your customers and your employees access to a centralized resource, without taking on the costs associated with staffing and running an entire internal department.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing accounts for nearly one-third of all enterprise workloads, and many businesses are moving away from the traditional on-site software model altogether. Accessible by multiple users, scalable and easy to run, PaaS provides the environment and frees up your employees to focus on what to create to fill it.


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing offers flexibility, scalability and affordability, while keeping control over the infrastructure firmly in your hands. The agile nature of IaaS platforms means that even if your business needs change, the platform can change with it.


Your IT infrastructure is key to keeping pace with changing market dynamics and customer trends while also ensuring your legacy investments don’t fall by the wayside. Infrastructure Management can help you assess and optimize your company’s performance while preparing your business for the future.


Increase data security and simplify your management processes with a virtual desktop. Secure and isolated, virtual desktops are a cost-effective and efficient option for organizations that handle secure/sensitive data or perform application testing.



We partner with MSPs to help our clients remotely manage their IT infrastructure and end-user systems with proactive monitoring and automation, minimizing gaps in service and start-up costs. Our clients get the services that best suit their needs, and our MSP partners draw on our established relationships to expand their customer base.


Approaching providers can be challenging without an established track record in their specific field. As a sub-agent for CADA Connect, you’ll get access to our entire partner network, eliminating some of those barriers and allowing you to add a vast array of tech and telecom services to your business portfolio.



Security is about risk assessment and management: knowing what threats your business faces, and creating a plan of action should those threats arise. Information Security services can show you where your company is at risk and offer expert advice on how to mitigate those risks.


Your data is only as safe as the location where it’s stored. Data centers house your most critical systems and protect your data from external threats and attacks so your daily operations can continue with minimal downtime (and minimal business impact) even in the event of a breach.


Unfortunately, even the most well-protected networks can be compromised. DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) replicates and hosts your company’s physical or virtual servers, providing rapid failover from anywhere in the event of a catastrophe. Scalable and flexible to your needs, DRaaS reduces hardware costs while still protecting your company’s most vital data.